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Gridiron Strategies Aug-Sep 2014  

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Gridiron Strategies
  • Overwhelming the Opposition - An Inside Look at the Up-Tempo Offense
  • Special Teams
  • Packaging Plays Part III Packaging Three Concepts Together
  • Eight Daily Areas of Defensive Emphasis
  • Effective Blitz Packages
  • 3 Drills to Improve Your Passing Game
  • The Take-Away Mentality on Defense
  • Special Teams Organization
  • POINT-COUNTERPOINT Goal Line Offense vs. Defense

     X's & O's FROM THE VAULT

  • Shotgun Drop-Back Package: Right
  • Mike Pettine Jr. North Penn High School, Lansdale, Pa.

    DIAGRAM 1: The package utilizes 4 wideouts and is run from the shotgun. This play can be worked against either side of the field, depending on which side has the weaker coverage personnel. The diagram shows the drop-back package vs. the right side.The quarterback will read the coverag

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    Overwhelming the Opposition - An Inside Look at the Up-Tempo Offense

    by Henry Stanford Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Hiram College

    Players that can play multiple positions increase your chances of success with the up-tempo offense.

    The up-tempo offense can place a lot of stress on a defense. The defense has to worry about substitutions, formations, and locating key players while attempting to get lined up. This style of offense places stress on coaches and presents an overwhelming task. Coaches have to determine the personnel, make calls, identify formation strengths, and teach their players to have eye discipline ...more...


    Packaging Plays Part III Packaging Three Concepts Together

    Rich Hargitt Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator • Ashbrook High School (NC)

    In the previous two articles on packaging plays, we looked at ways to package a pair of concepts together. In this article we are delving into new areas of packaged concepts. We will be looking at packaging three concepts together. The reason that an offensive coach would want to package three concepts together is that it allows the offense to a ...more.

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    Eight Daily Areas of Defensive Emphasis

    Dr. Keith Pigott Defensive Coordinator and Safeties Coach East Texas Baptist University

    Ideally, coaches want their defensive players to be smart, fast, and physical.

    I was hired in February, 2013 by first year Head Coach, Joshua Eargle. We were Graduate Assistants together in 2006 at Southern Mississippi and kept in touch over the years. Our first season at ETBU was filled with ups and downs. We started off 2 – 0 for the first time in school history. Defensively, we gave up 34 points in the first game and 10 points in the ...more.

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    Special Teams Organization

    Mike Mendenhall Special Teams Coordinator and Linebackers Coach - North Carolina Central University

    Having specific responsibilities for each coach related to special teams play will help improve overall efficiency.

    This article will provide ways for football programs to stay organized in their special teams approach toward practice and meetings. I have been coaching special teams for five years and coordinating for three years. I have l ...more.



    Targeting the core

    Tim Tobin - Assistant Coach - Tusculum College Stella Tobin - Certified Training Consultant

    To improve athletic performance, one of the most important muscles to train is the core. Most people think that a strong core is just having a defined looking six pack, but, although pretty, abs and obliques are only the outer core and move the torso by bending forward, sideways and twisting.

    The real foundation of the body, where st ...more.



    Jared Van Acker Freedom (South Riding) High School (VA)

    This zone blitz scheme adds additional pressure to the offense but still remains solid with secondary coverage.

    Traditionally, we have always been a multiple defensive system that morphs with the changes and tendencies of an opponent’s offense. Though I have transitioned from an odd (3-4, 5-2, and 5-3) or an even (4-3, 4-4) as a base core ...more.

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    ?Flat Path? or ?Swing/Bubble? Route On Zone Read?

    The “Swing/Bubble” or the “Flat Path” route – which one is better to run out of a shotgun, 2 x 2 formation off of Zone Read? The Swing route, also known as the “Bubble” is the most used route for the Slot WR on the back side of a Gun, Zone Read play. The Flat Path …

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    Salaries Soaring for Alabama HS Coaches

    Hoover High School (AL) has raised the bar for coaching salaries in Alabama with the announcement it increased the pay of Josh Niblett to $125,000 — up from $114,471 a year ago. The move was finalized Thursday and made Niblett the highest paid coach in the state. The raise was labeled as ‘market-driven’ by Hoover …

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    Coach Russell?s Ruminations ? April

    Happy Spring coaches. It has finally arrived – even here in beautiful central Vermont! This month’s first thought pertains directly to the weather, and what a twisted sense of humor Mother Nature seems to have. We are heading toward our university’s official “deposit deadline”, so we’re coming down the homestretch as far as recruiting events …

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    Teaching Methodology Ideas for Spring Football

    Please find in this blog a few of the points of emphasis that we have as a staff as we begin spring football this week.  Although they are not revolutionary, they do come out of some focused and concentrated work from our staff time in March as we looked at everything that we do and …

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    Protecting Our Players, Protecting Our Game

    In many of my conversations, both on the road recruiting and among other colleagues at the college level, I continue to hear a disturbing trend regarding what those in our profession are challenged to deal with in the midst of this concussion problem. It?s hard to not feel frustrated upon hearing people describe the game …

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