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Gridiron Strategies Aug-Sep 2014  

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Gridiron Strategies
  • Overwhelming the Opposition - An Inside Look at the Up-Tempo Offense
  • Special Teams
  • Packaging Plays Part III Packaging Three Concepts Together
  • Eight Daily Areas of Defensive Emphasis
  • Effective Blitz Packages
  • 3 Drills to Improve Your Passing Game
  • The Take-Away Mentality on Defense
  • Special Teams Organization
  • POINT-COUNTERPOINT Goal Line Offense vs. Defense

     X's & O's FROM THE VAULT

  • Bunch Tight, Right-8 Toss Pass
  • Tom Babaian Head Coach, Pelham High School, Pelham, N.H.

    DIAGRAM: Bunch Tight, Right-8 Toss Pass. The blocking patterns are the same in this play, which features the same motion as the Bunch Tight Right 8 Toss but instead of exploding through the hole, the halfback looks to throw to the inside receiver as the free safety is rotating down expecting a

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    Overwhelming the Opposition - An Inside Look at the Up-Tempo Offense

    by Henry Stanford Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Hiram College

    Players that can play multiple positions increase your chances of success with the up-tempo offense.

    The up-tempo offense can place a lot of stress on a defense. The defense has to worry about substitutions, formations, and locating key players while attempting to get lined up. This style of offense places stress on coaches and presents an overwhelming task. Coaches have to determine the personnel, make calls, identify formation strengths, and teach their players to have eye discipline ...more...


    Packaging Plays Part III Packaging Three Concepts Together

    Rich Hargitt Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator • Ashbrook High School (NC)

    In the previous two articles on packaging plays, we looked at ways to package a pair of concepts together. In this article we are delving into new areas of packaged concepts. We will be looking at packaging three concepts together. The reason that an offensive coach would want to package three concepts together is that it allows the offense to a ...more.

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    Eight Daily Areas of Defensive Emphasis

    Dr. Keith Pigott Defensive Coordinator and Safeties Coach East Texas Baptist University

    Ideally, coaches want their defensive players to be smart, fast, and physical.

    I was hired in February, 2013 by first year Head Coach, Joshua Eargle. We were Graduate Assistants together in 2006 at Southern Mississippi and kept in touch over the years. Our first season at ETBU was filled with ups and downs. We started off 2 – 0 for the first time in school history. Defensively, we gave up 34 points in the first game and 10 points in the ...more.

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    Special Teams Organization

    Mike Mendenhall Special Teams Coordinator and Linebackers Coach - North Carolina Central University

    Having specific responsibilities for each coach related to special teams play will help improve overall efficiency.

    This article will provide ways for football programs to stay organized in their special teams approach toward practice and meetings. I have been coaching special teams for five years and coordinating for three years. I have l ...more.



    Targeting the core

    Tim Tobin - Assistant Coach - Tusculum College Stella Tobin - Certified Training Consultant

    To improve athletic performance, one of the most important muscles to train is the core. Most people think that a strong core is just having a defined looking six pack, but, although pretty, abs and obliques are only the outer core and move the torso by bending forward, sideways and twisting.

    The real foundation of the body, where st ...more.



    Jared Van Acker Freedom (South Riding) High School (VA)

    This zone blitz scheme adds additional pressure to the offense but still remains solid with secondary coverage.

    Traditionally, we have always been a multiple defensive system that morphs with the changes and tendencies of an opponent’s offense. Though I have transitioned from an odd (3-4, 5-2, and 5-3) or an even (4-3, 4-4) as a base core ...more.

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    Using Half-Field Coverage to Double-Team a Single WR

    Facing a great WR who can exploit one-on-one matchups can be a difficult challenge for a defense. Coordinators are often faced with the challenge of assigning more than one player to cover just one offensive weapon, which becomes particularly problematic when an offense couples this threat with the ability to effectively run the football vs. …

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    The Firm Always Knows Best

    I hear an expression several times through the season (including last week) and every now and then during the offseason: The Firm. The Firm is Smith, Smith, Coverdale and Holcomb: specifically, Homer Smith, Chuck Smith, Andrew Coverdale, and Mike Holcomb. John Arn, our former offensive line coach and defensive coordinator, came up with the phrase. …

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    Can Bishop Gorman Win a National Title With a Frontloaded slate?

    Tony Sanchez has not lost an in-state game since he took over at Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) heading into the 2009 season and, as such, he set his sights on a higher prize: a national title. Sanchez has worked to build his program – and his schedule – to the point that the talent …

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    Why Run The Ball?

    Many new fast-paced, no-huddle offensive philosophies are not about taking as much time off the clock as possible.  Rather, these offensive sets are all about trying to score as many points as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Personally, I am at the opposite end of the time-management spectrum in that I have always …

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    Coach Russell?s Random Ruminations

    Happy November, Coaches. I realize that our readership spans the profession, from youth coaches on up through the college ranks, so a lot of you are currently in different phases of your seasons. If you?re into your post season, good luck! The past couple of weeks have been an extremely busy and hectic time for …

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