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Gridiron Strategies Dec 2013 - Jan 2014  

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Gridiron Strategies
  • POINT-COUNTERPOINT - Route Concepts vs. Defending Them
  • Letter from the Editor
  • Defending the Air Raid Offense
  • The Quick Passing Game
  • The Importance of Pre-Game Nutrition
  • The Stick Tackle Drill for Defensive Backs
  • The Bounce Package
  • Is Your Team Strength Training To Develop Better Athletes?
  • Vince Lombardi on Winning Part I

     X's & O's FROM THE VAULT

  • Goal-Line Outside Veer
  • Mark Grounds Head Football Coach, Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville, Ill.

    DIAGRAM: “Outside Veer.” Out of the double-tight flanker formation, we run this highly successful veer triple-option play. Everyone gap blocks to the inside on this play. If the DE runs upfield, the QB gives the ball to the FB. If the DE squeezes, the QB must pull the ball and be 2-on-1 with the TB against the CB. Teams must cover down on the offensive linemen, which gives the offense a soft fl

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    POINT-COUNTERPOINT - Route Concepts vs. Defending Them

    by David Purdum

    Doane College Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Grant Mollring directs a balanced spread offense, predominantly out of two-by-two receiver sets and with their play-action passing game built off of the spread option. The Tigers lost their pocket passer midway through the 2013 season and turned to a converted wide receiver at quarterback. As a result, Mollring shifted to a sprint-out offense with more boots and roll-outs. In the passing game, Mollring features high-low route concepts ...more...


    The Bounce Package

    Rich Hargitt Passing Game Coordinator and Receivers Coach Ashbrook High School (NC)

    This package uses the H-Back in a new position in pre-snap motion to confuse the defense.

    A college coach recently convinced me that we needed to add some motion to our offense.  We do not motion much because we prefer to operate at a fast tempo. However, we realized we needed some new wrinkles.  The Air Raid Offense is primarily ...more.

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    Defending the Air Raid Offense

    Curt Block

    Having the right front and coverage is critical to defending the four-verticals package.

    The increasingly popular air raid offense presents a predominantly short passing game, an attack that creates matchup problems in space, an often disguised running attack, and often lights out numbers.

    The high-powered, pass-first air raid play, exhibited by such schools as Texas Tech and Washington State, has generated a buzz acros ...more.

    The Leader in Football Education




    Tom Watts Head Coach and Matt Brown, Former Tight Ends Coach Ohio Wesleyan University

    Football coaches spend countless hours researching new techniques and schemes that they can teach to their team to increase their winning percentage. We have a great example this year in the NFL with what the San Francisco 49ers did with their quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, and the Pistol Offense. All of the adjustments you make to your schemes ...more.



    Building a Strength Program From the Ground Up "A Work in Progress"

    Scott Safe

    I’ve been a strength coach, weight equipment entrepreneur and speaker for 30 years now, and I consistently get told by high school coaches, “I can never have a strength program like yours”. Well, the following story is about a real time “work in progress” at Randolph High School in Randolph, Minnesota, and football/strength coach Aaron Soule. Ra ...more.


    The Stick Tackle Drill for Defensive Backs

    Gavin Fitts Defensive Backs and Special Teams Coach Framingham State University

    I got this drill from our Defensive Coordinator, Jeff Moore, a 2012 finalist for the Division III’s Coordinator of the Year. His defense has led us to a .759 winning percentage since his arrival in 2011. While he is always on the forefront with regard to defensive scheme and philosophy, he is also a big believer in drill mastery and ...more.

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    12/13 TRIPLE (LB CALL)

    LB Call: We use this when we want to block the “regular” Pitch Key defender in order to give the defense something more to think about; instead of reading the OLB as #2, the QB will read the Safety to his side as #2 (Pitch Key). Views (8)

    Pairing Zone Read and Power Read to Attack Across the Defensive Front

    The read game allows the offense to attack the defense where they become weakest based on post snap keys. The power read allows for a gap scheme read concept that attacks inside and outside in one direction at the same time. The zone option allows for an A-Gap to A-Gap inside run that can hit …

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    Ideas to Test in Spring Practice

    Spring practice is a time for coaches to develop their players in every way without the pressure of real games.  Most importantly, the fundamentals (blocking and tackling) of the game have the opportunity to be retaught and emphasized while creating a culture of physicality and toughness.  Finally, the spring allows for the opportunity to try …

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    The 6-Step Program To Becoming A Successful Defensive Lineman: S.O.P.

    For this report I decided to write about how I teach defensive linemen to be technicians and to be fundamentally sound, so they can become the best players that they can be physically and mentally. On the first day of pre-season camp, I give the defensive line something I call the S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) …

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    3 Quick Drills for LBs ? Pass Rush

    As I move forward with these blog postings, I’d like to focus on three “quick” drills you can use to get work on a specific part of the game. This month, I’m including three drills I use with my ILBs to work on rushing the passer – a skill which is frequently overlooked in ILB …

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