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Gridiron Strategies Aug-Sep 2003  

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  • Center Wing Right, 479, Y-Delay
    by Fred Peterson Offensive Coordinator, El Camino College, Torrance, Calif.

  • Jailbreak Screen
    by Nick McGrain Head Coach, Washburn Rural High School, Topeka, Kan.

  • Critical Keys For Consistently Winning With An Undersized Back
    by Mike Mizer Head Coach, Spring Hill High School, Columbia, Tenn.

  • Agility Training Is A Must For Players
    by Mike Podoll, Managing Editor

  • Wisconsin Weak Right, 3 Shuffle, 521 Rip Sail
    by Matthew Fischer Defensive Coordinator, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Ala.

  • East 41
    by Sherwood Haydock Head Coach, Harding High School, Fort Wayne, Ind.

  • Wrap Draw
    by Alex Richters Offensive Coordinator, Royal High School, Brookshire, Texas

  • 9 Important Facts For Young Coaches
    by Bill Shepard Head Football Coach, Rockford Christian School, Rockford, Ill.

  • Knowing Your Opponent Is The First Step In Game Preparation
    by Wayne Nunnely Defensive Line Coach, San Diego Chargers, San Diego, Calif.

  • Double-Calling Coverages Lets You Control The Pace Of The Game
    by Kenny Ratledge Assistant Coach, Sevier County High School, Sevierville, Tenn.

  • Simple Bunch Package Is An Easy-To-Install, Yet Tough-To-Defend Offense
    by Jeff Shutter Head Football Coach, Eastern York High School, Wrightsville, Pa.

  • Combo-Option Drill Works Pitch To Perfection
    by Kim Nelson Head Football Coach, Washington High School, Sioux Falls, S.D.

  • Throwing The �Dig� As Your Go-To Pass Piles Up Big Offensive Numbers
    by Mike Anderson Offensive Coordinator, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

  • �Swamper Special� Blocking, Conditioning Drill Works Players Hard
    by Dave Lawrence , Head Football Coach, Mattawan High School, Mattawan, Mich.

  • Great Punt Coverage Begins With The �Pride� Team
    by Dave Johnson Tight Ends Coach, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.

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