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Gridiron Strategies Jun-Jul 2007  

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  • Two Highly Explosive Plays
    by Scott Dieterich Offensive Coordinator, Parkview Baptist High School, Baton Rouge, La.

  • Why Run The Spread Offense? These 11 Questions Hold The Answers
    by Jeff Hancock Offensive Coordinator, Adrian College, Adrian, Mich., and Jay Osborne, Wide Receiver Coach, McMurry University, Abilene, Texas

  • Keys For Building Long-Term Success
    by Mike Podoll, Associate Editor

  • Trips Open, 17 Lead Pass
    by Bryan Gray Head Football Coach, East Hall High School, Gainesville, Ga.

  • Criss-Cross 49, G.T. Pass
    by Don Davis Head Football Coach, Martin High School, Laredo, Texas

  • 37 Counter Trey
    by Brian Billing Head Football Coach, Payton College Prep High School, Chicago, Ill.

  • �King-On-The-Hill� Drill Teaches Fundamentals To Offensive Linemen
    by Tony Midea Assistant Football Coach, Lahser High School, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

  • 3 Successful Plays To Beat The 4-4 Defense
    by Dan Ritter Head Football Coach, Howard High School Of Technology, Wilmington, Del.

  • Drop-Back Pass Protection Centers Around 5 Basic Keys
    by Ted Newson Offensive Line/Special Teams Coach, Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, Ohio

  • Use These Conditioning Drills To Prepare Your Team For A Grueling Season
    by Michael Austin Contributing Editor

  • Stunt Up A �Storm� To Stuff Offenses No Matter The Situation
    by Kenny Ratledge Assistant Football Coach, Sevier County High School, Sevierville, Tenn.

  • Magnum Defense Makes Offenses Stop Dead In Their Tracks
    by Eric Firestone Defensive Coordinator, Talladega High School, Talladega, Ala.

  • Simplify The QB�s Job By Attacking The Will Linebacker
    by Steve Heck Wide Receiver Coach, Albright College, Reading, Pa.

  • 8 Sure-Fire Youth Football Plays To Use Against Specific Defensive Alignments
    by Chris Booth Head Football Coach, Peterstown Middle School, Peterstown, W. Va.

  • Pin-Pull-Trap Drill: Continuous Blocking Drill Perfects Pulling Linemen�s Technique
    by Lee Weber Head Football Coach, Mission Valley High School, Mission Valley, Kan.

  • Wide-Receiver Drills Serve Several Purposes
    by Steve Mooshagian Former Head Football Coach, California State University, Sacramento And Former WR Coach, Cincinnati Bengals

  • Run The Football Version Of The Fast Break With The Quick-Hitting, 3-Step Passing Series
    by Rich Wilkie Head Football Coach, Andover High School, Andover, Minn.

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