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Why Run The Spread Offense? These 11 Questions Hold The Answers

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© June, 2007

by Jeff Hancock
Offensive Coordinator, Adrian College, Adrian, Mich., and Jay Osborne, Wide Receiver Coach, McMurry University, Abilene, Texas

THE SPREAD OFFENSE is all the rage these days. Every Friday night and Saturday afternoon you are seeing more and more teams going to a spread look than ever before.

And, as players learn this offense, they get to know the nuances of it. Then, when they become coaches down the road, they have an even greater grasp of what goes into this type of offense and how to run it to be successful. The spread almost is becoming a football �generational� offense as coaches pass it on to players, who are becoming coaches in their own right.

Logically, coaches, players, fans, etc., are wondering why the explosion of spread offenses now. What makes this type of offense tick? What must you do to be successful using the spread? Can any team use the spread? Do you need to have perfect, interchangeable parts or can you get by with the spread with any type of players who fill out your roster? These are just the basic questions. 

We�ve decided to tackle the 11 most-pressing questions about the spread offense. The answers offer a glimpse into this scheme and from that you should be able to determine if this type of offense is right for you. Plus, included are seven successful plays to use from the spread against a variety of defensive formations. 

Question No. 1: Why are so many teams running the spread offense?
The spread is a good offense to use if you aren�t lucky enough to have dominant offensive linemen to run a successful power offense. In this case, typically this type of team has more gifted skill players who operate well in a high level of space. By installing this four-receiver spread offense, you are giving yourself a better chance to be in a pos ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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