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Receiver-Screen Package Racks Up Huge Passing Numbers

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© June, 2006

by Chris Hutchings
Head Football Coach, Fort Pierce High School, Fort Pierce, Fla.

OUR TEAM HAS broken all of our school�s passing and receiving records, while leading our conference in passing in recent years. One key ingredient to this airborne success has been the extensive use of a receiver-screen package.

The following receiver-screen package has been successful against a variety of defensive fronts and coverages.

To make things simple, we�ve introduced a numbering system for play calling. Instead of labeling our receiver positions X, Y, Z and H, we number our receivers and back 1 through 5, beginning from the side the formation is called. For example, when �trips right� is called, the receivers are numbered 1 through 5 beginning on the right side.

DIAGRAM 1: Trips-Right Receiver Numbering System.

DIAGRAM 2: Balanced-Set Receiver Numbering System. In a balanced set like our �doubles� look, we�ll always number from ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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