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Developing the High School Quarterback

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© April, 2014

by Gene Suhr
Retired College and High School Coach

Proper techniques � from having the correct grip to managing footwork during passing drops � can improve
the mechanics of your quarterback.

There is an old coaching adage that �you can�t change a throwing motion.� A QB can either throw or he can�t. Many coaches pass the ball when they have to pass the ball and not develop their young quarterbacks.

I hear all the time that a quarterback�s mechanics can�t be changed. I believe it says more about the coaches thaan it does the kid. The message it sends, however, is that, �We don�t have the time to improve the kid�s throwing mechanics.� Or, we don�t know how. We don�t have the technical skills needed to coach them correctly. The bottom line is there are thousands of high school kids that receive almost no coaching on their passing mechanics. You can�t expect these young men to enter your program ready to throw the football correctly.

Through my experiences as a head coach calling our offense, I realized how much a solid passing game meant to my offense. I went out and tried to get all the information I could on different types of passing games. I then took this information and put together a complete and solid passing game. My offense then became balanced between the run and pass. I knew in order to have a quality passing game, I needed to develop the quarterback to be able to execute it.

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