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Schemes And Techniques For Success With The Spread Punt

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© October, 2005

by William Lund
Assistant Coach, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

THE SPREAD PUNT is the most volatile phase of kicking. How many times have you seen games been decided by a bad snap, block, punt return or by pinning an opponent deep? A spread-punt unit must be the most trained and disciplined phase of the kicking game. The philosophy of the spread punt is detailed here.
The splits are 6 inches for the center and offensive guards, while the splits are 12 inches for the OG and offensive tackle. Wings are “thatched” meaning the inside foot of the wing is directly behind the outside foot of the OT and he is able to grab the belt loop of that player. The stance must allow for speed in the vertical set. With the inside foot forward and a slight lean-in by the player to break the belt line of the center.

The set is vital to the success of the spread punt. Players must never leave their wing man. Make sure the splits a player has when he starts is the same as when he initiates contact.

Spread-punt protection is a zone match-up concept. Though players should never chase opponents, depth in vertical set as well as alignment should allow the protection to see stunts and games occur and enable to match-up once they have declared.

The spread punt can be extremely effective, but it also demands the most practice time and commands maximum concentration from your players in order to be successful.
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