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Explosive Ways To Score From An Unbalanced-Spread Offense

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© August, 2005

by Bob Knight
Assistant Football Coach, Preston High School, Kingwood, W. Va.

WIDE OPEN OFFENSES have come back into vogue the past few years with many teams going to a shotgun formation as their primary offense. Although these offenses use spread receivers, few use spread offensive linemen to go along with the spread receivers.

Although it may be difficult to use the ´┐ŻUnbalanced Spread Offense´┐Ż discussed in this article as a base offense, it can definitely be used at strategic times during a game.

The following play is an example of some of the creative things that can be done out of this type of offense.

DIAGRAM 1: Strong Left, TE Screen Pass/Double Pass. The SB and SE run their defenders off, while the WB runs short motion and forms part of the wall. The TE runs 2-yards downfield, pushes hard off his outside foot and runs to a position behind the offensive tackles, TB and WB.

The QB sprints out and throws a screen pass to the TE behind the wall. Upon receiving the ball, the TE can run behind the wall or even throw a pass to the SB or SE.

Coaching Point: You may want to slip your backup QB into either the WB or TE positions on this play.
Some of the ideal instances in which this offense can used include:

-    The opening play of an offensive series. On the first play of the game, defenses generally have yet to settle into the flow of the game and you may catch them off-guard by using this unorthodox ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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