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© February, 2012

by John Marano
Strength and Conditioning Coach • Fairmont State University

There are many ways to improve your strength and conditioning program. Here you will learn what to include in your program, how to incorporate Olympic weightlifting, and what your program calendar should look like.

The emphasis of getting stronger, bigger, faster, and becoming more flexible has overwhelmed American football. Today’s athletes look for cutting edge training techniques and new trends in the world of strength and conditioning. The desire to be #1 brings out the best competition among athletes. This can also have a negative impact because of shortcuts taken with techniques, mechanics, and flexibility. Athletes fail to realize the importance of fundamentals which ultimately allow proper development throughout your body. An athlete running a 4.9 forty cannot decrease it to a 4.7 overnight, as the same goes for strength, conditioning and flexibility. These things take time to improve.

To start off, a solid strength and conditioning philosophy is essential and should be presented to your players. But in order for your players to believe in your program, you must practice what you preach, so stick to your word an ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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