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© December, 2011
Defending Trips

by Mike McDaniels
Former High School Coach • Rockford (IL)

Part 3 of this series will discuss our adjustment to motion and how we use certain coverages against certain formations and different situations. Before we cover motion, we have to remember what our defense does in part 1, and how our blitzing scheme will affect the offense in part 2.

Motion, for the most part, has little effect in our game plan up front because of the blitzing that can be used between the nose tackle, the Mike linebacker, our weak end and “Panther” (P). When facing a team that uses substantial motion, we look at several keys. Is our opponent using motion to 1) balance out the offensive formation, 2) determine how the defense is going to adjust, 3) overload one side of the formation, and/or 4) disguise and distraction, focusing the defenses’ attention away from where the play is actually going to take place?

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