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© June, 2011
Position- Specific Metabolic Skills Tree Summer Conditioning

by Brian Zyglocke & Kevin Barger
Catholic University

When it is time to condition – be specific! As coaches, we tend to harp on every little detail. “Run this route at exactly 10 yards” or “Roll your hips on contact”. We analyze and break down every component of the game to very specific pieces that we can then apply to actual game situations. Coaches strive to make just about everything we have our players do as game specific as possible. Yet when it comes to conditioning, we often lose that focus and simply go to things such as 100-yard sprints, gassers, and timed distance runs. Why do we do this only with conditioning?

    It is a proven scientific fact that certain activities develop specific skills inherent to that activity. We need to constantly work on those particular skills in order to become proficient with them. For example, to improve your golf swing, you need to actually swing a club thousands of time to be goo ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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