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© August, 2010
Play-Action Passing off of Jet Sweep Motion

by Shannon Grimes
Head Coach, Watonga High School (OK)

1. Rationale for throwing off the jet

    I began running the jet sweep six years ago as an addition to our offensive package. In those six seasons, I have used the sweep and its inside running complements more in some years and less in others. A few years our entire running game has been based on it. One constant I have found with the package is the advantages it gives in throwing the football. I have found that throwing the football off of jet sweep action gives the offense a number of advantages. First, the pressure the jet sweep puts on the perimeter will often force a defensive reaction. This allows the quarterback to know where defenders are going on the snap, which makes it easier to know where and when a route will be open. Second, the sweeper accounts for edge blitzes on the side he is sweeping. This gives the offense a seven man protection while still having four receivers out in routes. Third, jet motion allows for the quarterback to throw from multiple launch points while still having the advantages of a play action pass.

2. Protections and QB launch points

    We throw three types of passes off of jet motion: drop-backs, quicks, and sprint- outs. We can throw quicks and drop-backs both to and away from the side in which we are motioning. In our system, plays run to the side we are motioning to are referred to as jeep plays, and plays that run away from motion are referred to as joker plays. Our drop-back passes are our 60-70 series, and our sprint-out passes are our 80-90 series. 60ís and 80ís go to the right, and 70ís and  ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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