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Blocking the Guard Trap VS. Multiple Fronts with Variations

by Chris Denton
O-Line & D-Line Coach/Special Teams Coordinator, Smithtown East High School (NY)

Being an offensive line coach, I try to convince my offensive coordinator to run the ball as many times a game as we see fit. I know my linemen and I know they love it when we run behind them.  This past season, at East HS, we had a senior laden line, many of whom I have coached for the past three years.  I will try to convince the coordinator to run guard trap to the full back at least four to six times per game.  I will also lobby to run this play in goal line situations.  Running this play on the goal line gives my linemen great confidence and a great deal of pride.  I will explain how we block trap versus multiple fronts and on the goal line.  Allow me to offer a little background first: we are a traditional Wing-T team with a numbering system where the one hole is on the extreme right and the nine hole is on the extreme left with the center as number five (See Diagram 1).

Our guard trap is in the trap, sweep, waggle series (20ís) and we are running it to the four or six area.  We would call guard trap 24 or 26. We co ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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