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© February, 2009
The Shallow Cross from Multiple Formations

by Sean Lucas
Quarterback Coach, Providence Catholic High School (IL)

The “Shallow Cross” is a concept that can help your offense remain simple to your players, keep defensive coordinators scratching their heads by running it out of various formations and attack blitz happy teams that are trying to keep you in long yardage situations. We begin each summer teaching the “Shallow Cross” from a 2x2 set in order to present the rules for the play as basic as possible. After our players grasp the WR rules from a 2x2 set, we will then present the play from a 3x1 set, a 2x1 set and then incorporate motions to add deception for the defense. Although the “Shallow Cross” play works very well against multiple coverages such as two-man, two-zone and quarters, in order to remain consistent in this article we will draw up all routes with a closed middle, Cover ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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