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Implement The Midline, Inside & Outside Veer Into Your 8-Man Football Team

by Dan Dreesen
Defensive Coordinator, South Holt High School, Oregon, Mo.

COACHING 8-MAN football is a much different beast than heading an 11-man squad. However, some of the principles, philosophies and strategies used in 11-man can be shifted to fit into your 8-man football team.

An option-based package as the base offense is possible in 8-man football. This package should consist of the midline, inside and outside veer. The base formation is an unbalanced formation to the right and left.

DIAGRAM 1: Unbalanced Right.

DIAGRAM 2: Unbalanced Left. To use the split-back formation, the fullback must be lined up behind the center and quarterback. This puts you into an off-set split-back backfield, which is shown in the base diagrams, Diagram 1 and 2.

The linemen are given a designated position. The tight end goes away from the call and is the lineman on the short side of the ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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