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© August, 2007
The Big-Play, Double-Wing Offense Finally Has Met Its Match

by Dick Bruich
Head Football Coach, Kaiser High School, Kaiser, Calif.

THE DOUBLE-WING offense has been picking apart defenses for quite some time and now it is a popular offensive strategy for many coaches. With its tight formation and movements, it poses a problem for those trying to stop it.

Plus, with its big-play capability (don’t let those Double-Wing coaches fool you, they are looking for big yardage), many teams have found themselves on the losing side at the end of the game against this set.
However, we have come up with a strong plan to stop this offense once and for all. Your defense has to be secure in the idea that they are going to give up some yards but eventually, if you force a Double-Wing team to drive the ball down the field instead of beating you with a home run, the offense will make a mistake.

Before we dive into the specifics on how to stop this offense, we must be on the same page as to what the Double Wing actually is. Below is a diagram of the basic Double Wing.

DIAGRAM 1: Double-Wing Set. The offensive linemen and tight ends line up toe to toe with no splits. The fullback is positioned directly behind the quarterback’s backside and there is a wing on each side with one going in motion based on the cadence or a snap count.

To beat the Double Wing, you have to know the seven basic plays the offense runs. There are variations to some of these but overall, your defense only needs to concern itself with these seven plays:

    1.    FB dive — goes opposite of the motion of the wing.

    2.    FB trap — goes in the direction of the mo ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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