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Agility & Footwork Drills for Football

by Brian Kenney
Strength & Conditioning Coach/Asst. Football Coach, Wisconsin Dells High School (WI)
The notion that is used often by successful football coaches is Speed Kills. Through many discussions with great football coaches and seminars on strength training, this motto seems to always come up. If we as football coaches are teaching student athletes to reach maximum potential, agility and footwork are crucial ingredients.

We are currently in the re-building phase of our football program and our main goal is to get our kids to get in the weight room in masses as a team, increase our speed and flexibility and to take all of it and apply it to the game of football. And all the cards will fall into place. I put together some of the top drills I have seen and used myself with athletes. Some of the drills can be modified and changed based on athl ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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