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Weight Training “By The Numbers” Pays Huge Strength Dividends

by Nick McGrain
Head Coach, Washburn Rural High School, Topeka, Kan.

THERE ARE A NUMBER of weight programs that a coach or physical education instructor could use to improve the strength levels of his or her athletic program. But before choosing one, several considerations must be addressed prior to deciding on any one particular program.

A good strength and conditioning program must address the major muscle groups and be built around a group of core lifts. It should be a program that fits the needs of your players and it must be well organized and efficient.

The program also needs to be easily understood by the coaches, parents and athletes and it must have a certain amount of flexibility built-in to incorporate other lifts at certain intervals in the program.

The following strength program is one that we’ve developed and have used successfully over the years. It is by no means revolutionary, but it’s a program that meets all the aforementioned considerations and allows players to reach their full potential in the weight room. Plus, the athletes enjoy it, which m ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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