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© December, 2004
3 Points To Immediately Improve Your Quarterback

by Mike Mizer
Quarterbacks Coach, Columbia Central High School, Columbia, Tenn.

THE QUARTERBACK POSITION is undoubtedly the most scrutinized position on the team. The QB is repeatedly analyzed  by every coach, player and fan. To become a successful QB, the player himself must understand, from the onset, what is expected of him. He must take it upon himself to analyze the things he must improve upon to be successful in leading his team. By identifying his areas of needed improvement, he can enhance his ability and performance.

Toughness, consistency, and repetition are things that all coaches talk to their QBs about on a regular basis. While these are certainly three critical factors that may determine the effectiveness of your QB, these terms and concepts are too vague and intangible to be of any real use. Compiling an extensive checklist for QB success would take many volumes of this publication. But to make these concepts more concise, weve developed three key points that will provide a solid foundation for enhancing your QBs ability to lead.

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