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© October, 2004
Coaching Cornerstones: A 37-Year History Of Excellence

by Dick Dullaghan
Retired Head Coach, Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, Ind.

A COACHING FRIEND once told me, “One good coach equals 4 or 5 good players.” I believe that this is absolutely true. Coaches who are highly motivated and driven can create the desire and passion in young people to please their coaches and reach their physical and mental potential. Therefore, to run a successful program, you must first have a truly dedicated coaching staff.

It’s the job of the head coach to coach the coaching staff. He must inspire the staff to work their tails off so they’re ready and prepared to motivate the players.

Vision Of Perfection

The essence of coaching is the correction of errors and the reduction of mistakes. However, it’s how you correct those mistakes, and how consistently and positively you make your corrections that makes the difference. The “how’s” determine whether the correction stays with that player over the entire season — and follows through into his life after football.

Conviction-driven leadership is based on a “vision of perfection.” Coaches must have a vision of what a play o ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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