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© February, 2008
The ABC's of Strength Training

by Brian Kenney
Strength & Conditioning Coach/Asst. Football Coach, Wisconsin Dells High School (WI)

A - Ability: The ability to train to become an athlete and not just settle for being athletic. To do this you have to strength train. If you do not, you will likely end up injured.

B - Behavior: The weight room and other strength training venues are not a place for horseplay. The behavior in these settings is different than a cafeteria or a playground. Set the tone right away for the weight room to be a place of business by having and enforcing rules. Be sure to post the rules there. Make your athletes clean the weight room like they would their car or their room.

C - Commitment: To succeed in strength training you need to be committed to showing up, following the program and getting others to do the same. Success or failure (after being properly trained and coached) in strength traini ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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