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© April, 2004
Critical Keys For Developing Better Wide Receivers

by Matt Hall
Head Football Coach, St. Lawrence Academy, Santa Clara, Calif.

WITHOUT BUILDING the proper foundation for receiver play, your objectives cannot be obtained for the passing game. As a coach, you must firmly stress the basic fundamentals of the receiver position.

There are two main attributes we look for in athletes who wish to play the wide receiver position.

    -    Attitude. The first thing coaches must encourage in a WR is attitude. This shouldn’t be misconstrued as a negative attribute, but rather a positive one. This kind of WR attitude infers that “I’m better than the person who lines up against me.”

But a WR needs to know that it’s not by merely stepping onto the field that makes him better. He needs knowledge of purpose, assurance (of completion) and recognition of the team concepts. This attitude gives the ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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