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© February, 2004
How To Indoctrinate New Players Into Your Program

by Bill Walsh
Consultant, Former Head Coach And General Manager, San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco, Calif.

MOST COACHES DILIGENTLY prepare to teach techniques and install plays for the early practices. From a technical standpoint, coaches usually enter the season well prepared.

One area most of us donít prepare nearly as well in is indoctrinating players mentally into the philosophy and parameters of our programs. The lack of attention in this area shows up all the time.

Coaches must condition the minds of their athletes, and itís an ongoing process. You cannot read 8 to 10 rules before a team practice or include a type-written page in the playbook and expect your responsibilities in this area to be complete. As coaches, we need to constantly teach and reiterate the necessary framework for the entire football program.

Preparing Players To Learn Your System
Early on, coaches should highlight some of the main teaching points that are ďmust-havesĒ for their program. These are items so i ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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