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© February, 2004
Inside, Outside Veer Combination Difficult For Defenses To Stop

by Ben Rulli
Football Coach, Fairborn, Ohio

OVER THE PAST few years, football has changed. Coaches have shied away from the triple option and the power running game. The ďair-it-outĒ attack is the new breed of football. As a result, the old-fashioned running games have begun to fade.

At many levels of football, the true Veer Offense is quickly dying, and is becoming this generationís Single Wing. Is it because no one knows how to coach it? Or is it because if the offense gets shut down once or twice, a coach will abandon it and go straight to the air attack?

When itís properly executed, many coaches consider the Triple Option to be the single greatest play in football.

Understanding The Inside Veer

The basis of the Veer Offense is the Inside Veer. This play has been our bread-and-butter p ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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