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Special Teamís Drills To Work Several Tasks At Once

by Brian Kopecky
Special Teams Coach, Lyons Township High School, La Grange, Ill.

MAKING TIME FOR your special teams during practice is critical to success. Since practice time is precious and limited, all of our special-team drills are efficient, designed to work multiple tasks simultaneously and are run at game speed.

To get quality special teamís work in, we work our kicking game into our other practice segments. If weíre working on our red-zone offense from the 20-yard line and with a third-and-six situation and if the offense doesnít get the first down, weíll have our field-goal unit quickly attempt a field goal. A coach times the field-goal unit with a stopwatch and makes sure that the unit gets onto the field within the proper timeframe.

When your players are performing a special teamís drill, itís very important to have several coaches watching the drill. We have a saying, ďIf you try to watch everything, youíll end up seeing nothing.Ē Thereís just too much going on in one special-team drill for one coach to properly assess performance.

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