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Get Your Receivers Open With Effective Route Running

by Matt Hall
Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, St. Lawrence Academy, Santa Clara, Calif.

WHEN TEACHING ROUTE running to your players, there are a few key ideas that you must stress. These concepts set the foundation for teaching the routes and will always be there as a reference for both coaches and receivers.

To begin building a repertoire of moves that keeps defensive backs guessing, there are four moves that your players must learn — the single, the double, the rip and the bull-rush. These moves are all designed to keep the defender off balance, let your receiver stay on his designated route and to get open.

You also need to teach your receivers how to break a route. Breaking the route correctly and efficiently allows the receiver the best opportunity to make a play for the ball.
Once those fundamentals are ingrained into your receivers, you’ll need to teach the concepts of how a ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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