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© December, 2011
Coaching Athleticism on the Offensive Line

by Mason Pounds
Co-Offensive Coordinator ē Keller Central High School (TX)

Most offensive linemen are not at that position by choice. If you have ever worked your schoolís kidís camp, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is very rare for a kid to grow up dreaming of one day playing on the offensive line. They canít throw, canít catch, and canít run fast, so at an early age they are cursed with playing on the offensive line while their friends get to score touchdowns and date cheerleaders. At the high school level, linemen must be athletic to keep up with the speed of the defensive front seven, who seem to get bigger and faster every year. This transition will not happen over the summer like a growth spurt, and is one of the hardest things to coach an athlete to be. Through instilling specific standards and measurable objectives, being an athletic offensive lineman can be coached in every drill, every practice, and during every game.

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