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© April, 2010

by Lawrence Quadrio
Defensive Coordinator, Spanish Springs High School (NV)

This discussion will address one of the oldest and most basic offensive plays: the Trap (See Diagram 1).

Every offensive scheme, including the spread, has this play built into its arsenal. The trap is designed to hit quickly and take advantage of an overly aggressive defensive line. It is one of the most demoralizing plays in football because it strikes at the very core of the defense. The play is not personnel dependent, but rather can be executed by a large powerful offensive unit as well as a quicker athletic front. It is also not subject to down and distance. It can be equally efficient on first down as it can be on third and long. In other words, this play is very effective and must be drilled repeatedly if we expect to become a complete defense.

    We have always been an even front defense and have settled on the 4-2-5 as our base package. This gives us the ability to adjust our defense to the multiple offensive formations and schemes we encounter. In the past we preached ultra-aggressiveness to our front four, which consequently caused our defense to be cut in half by the trap. After spending a very frustrating season watching our 3-technique catching ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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