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© February, 2010
Spreading the Field with the Wing-T

by Seth Messier
Head Junior Varsity Coach Garden City High School (NY)

Adjusting the traditional Wing-T to meet the demands of the modern spread offense

Today’s Challenge   

    With the pressure on today’s offensive game plans to spread the field by putting their best athletes in space and create match-up problems for the defense, Wing-T or “Bucksweep” coaches have found themselves having to either adjust their offense or abandon it completely. For coaches who have enjoyed tremendous success with the Wing-T offense, it is hard to change the game plan and philosophy entirely. With this in mind, I have developed some strategies that have allowed us to spread the field and have the same success, without switching entirely to a spread-style offense.

The Wing-T

    Much of my offense is based on the Delaware Wing-T. The Wing-T is a progression-based offense. This does not mean that our plays are run in any pre-set order. Rather, within each offensive series the defense is threatened along several points at the snap of the ball. These ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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