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© June, 2010
Off-Man Free Techniques

by D.K. McDonald
Secondary Coach, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

At IUP we use football as an educational tool to help teach young men to achieve lofty academic goals, unashamedly strive for victory, honor the university with our character, and be men built for others. We focus on these goals daily to help drive us toward success both on and off the field. We always want to be aware of the fact that we are coaching a person and that person plays football. I am thankful for all the coaches that recognize that underneath every jersey is heart.
    For this article, I want to discuss off-man free techniques for corner backs. At IUP, we believe this is a very valuable coverage for a number of reasons: there is limited teaching and learning and there are limited reads for your players. This technique also provides us with vertical and horizontal cushion on wide receivers. It is important that the corners play this coverage with great focus, intelligence, confidence, and aggressiveness. There ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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