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© June, 2010
The Zone Read Bubble/Slice Triple Option

by Jeff Schaum
Head Coach, Victory Christian Academy (FL)

Upon moving to Florida in 2004 to coach high school football, our staff installed some form of shotgun offense either out of 2X2 or 3X1 formations. We have dabbled with the single wing and shotgun wing-T but have gravitated to the one-back spread option offense. One of the reasons we went to this style of offense was due to the availability (or lack there of) of offensive linemen.

    The other was that it spread the defense out and made the number of people in the box somewhat predictable.

    And finally, we can have an option read on every running play, which requires our opponents to work on their option responsibilities prior to playing us. Having the QB “Read” the defensive end on the zone allows him to essentially become an “extra blocker,” simply by his assignment.  In other words, “Reading” the defensive end that g ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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