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© August, 2007
‘Gangster’ Pass-Run Option Forces The Action, Keeps The Defense Guessing

by Jay Niswonger
Head Football Coach/Athletic Director, Valley View High School, Germantown, Tenn.

THE ‘GANGSTER’ is a pass-run option that provides the offense with enough variables that it is effective against any front or coverage and in any situation.

The play has its origins from Tiger Ellison, the innovator of the Run and Shoot, as well as the late Hub Etchison, who coached Richmond, Ind., for more than 30 years. Other contributors include the passing pedigree of the late Lee Tressel (the father of Ohio State University’s head coach Jim Tressel), as well as the slide route from Mouse Davis and the work of the late “Red” Faught of Franklin College. These coaches laid the foundation for this play, which has been a mainstay in our offense for more than 20 ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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