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Incorporating Skill-Specific Drill Variety Into Your Wide Receiver Drills

by Chad Brubaker
Offensive Coordinator/WRs Coach, Wilson High School, West Lawn, PA
As a WR coach for more than a dozen years, I am constantly trying to develop new drills that closely replicate the skills that are required of our receivers on Friday nights. I feel it is important to provide new drills to keep things fresh for our players and for me. We even periodically play tag in our morning drill as an excellent YAC drill. It fits with our philosophy of trying to keep our players motivated and interested in learning, as our staff works to be creative.

Route / Planting Skills
In our league, we play a number of teams that play strictly man-to-man in the secondary. We emphasize to our kids that they need to develop the ability to turn the shoulder pads of the defensive backs from parallel to the LOS to perpendicular to the LOS. This gives us something concrete to focus on and allows our players the same. Many of the off-season drills we work on relate to being able to sell a route-lo ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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