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Inside Traps, Passing Scheme A Winning Offensive Combination

by Dale Lange
Head Football Coach, Marinette Catholic Central High School, Marinette, Wis.

WHEN YOU WORK at a school that isnít a state powerhouse, and worse yet, hardly has enough players to field a varsity team, you need to make game planning easy on the players who do take the field. You never know what level of experience you have among a limited number of players. We now are part of a co-op with another school and have about 40 players (freshmen through seniors) at our disposal to field a legitimate varsity and junior varsity team.

If your squad struggles to get players out for the football team or features many inexperienced players, you need to go with an offensive philosophy that is easy to understand. This doesnít mean you are without wrinkles, options and variations, but I run our offense out of three primary sets: Titans, Arizona and Ace.

Almost all of our plays are run out of each formation, so itís easier for players to understand.

DIAGRAM 1: Titans. Titans is a Wing-T formation.

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