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© April, 2007
Containing The Spread Offense Does Not Have To Be A Headache

by Jimmy Grant
Defensive Coordinator, Fallston High School, Fallston, Md.

IN THE LAST quarter-century, no offense has come along more difficult to defend than the spread offense. Much like the dinosaurs or gas-guzzling cars, the days of traditional, drop-back quarterbacks at the high-school and college level are numbered. Now, teams are incorporating a mobile QB into their offense. This QB kills you with his arm and his legs. With a mobile QB in place, no offense puts that player to better use than the spread.

While defending the spread may seem like a daunting task, there are methods, strategies and some practical considerations available to alleviate the problems a spread offense presents to a defense.
For practical purposes, the spread offense lines up in an offensive set like the one shown in Diagram 1. The mobile QB has four or five receivers available for passes, which puts a tremendous strain on the defense. A spread offense with a veteran QB at the helm is even more dangero ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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