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© October, 2006
Six Critical Coaching Points For All Positions

by Ted Newsome
Offensive Line Coach & Special Teams Coach, Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, Ohio

WHEN I BEGAN MY coaching career I entered the profession with enthusiasm and the belief that I was proficient with my knowledge base. During the off-season I would attend every coaching clinic within driving distance and read every book, coaching magazine and article that I could get my hands on. I did, in fact, greatly increase my knowledge of the game. I continued to follow this course each year.

 During the early portion of my fourth season of coaching I realized that although I knew quite a bit about football, my players sure seemed terribly confused. I began to analyze how I was teaching my position players. It came to me during one practice in which a returning starter at tight end looked at me as if I were speaking Greek to him while I was instructing on his technique.

What I was doing was giving my players “paralysis by analysis.” A term I use for over coaching a point. I knew every int ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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