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© August, 2006
Proven Methods For Integrating The Curl Route Into The Passing Game

by Steve Heck
Assistant Football Coach, Albright College, Reading, Pa.

THE CURL ROUTE is perhaps one of the most enduring pass routes in all of football.Yet at times, it seems to have been all but forgotten in todayís elaborate passing schemes. With the emphasis on blitz-beating throws such as slants and hitches, the curl route is often overlooked by play-callers.

At Albright College, the curl route continues to be an effective staple of our intermediate passing game. We like the curl routeís versatility, as we can use multiple formations and personnel groups and still run our curl package.

Another benefit is that wide receivers do not have to be fast to run a good curl route. Since itís a route that develops between the hash marks, itís a relatively easy throw for most quarterbacks. We generally give our QB a defender to read when weíre building our route structure around the curl. This allows him to get the ball out quickly, which takes the pressure off the offensive line.

For opposing defenses, the curl is a tough route to defend, because we are attacking linebackers, forcing them to def ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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