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© December, 2005
Complements That Cause Confusion

by Bill Shepard
Head Coach, Rockford Christian High School, Rockford, Ill.

WE’VE REACHED AN era in football, especially at the high school ranks, where some of the old guard who educated many of us are retiring or leaving the game. With them goes a wealth of knowledge of coaching the game of football.

For me, my understanding of football and how to coach it came from hours of watching, scouting, listening and working with young people. Yet one of the most significant parts of my coaching strategy came from the input of a former coach.

My former coach once told me that for every offensive running play, you should have a complementary running play and a play-action pass play. Some of the oldest plays that I use with my existing program came from those early years and they are still headaches for defenses even today.

Benefits of ComplEment Plays

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