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Complimentary 3-3-5 Defense Swarms Opposing Offenses From Every Direction

by Tim Schaffner
Defensive Coordinator, Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, Ariz.

THE 3-3-5 DEFENSE has certainly taken the college football and high school football worlds by storm. It wasn’t long ago that this package was regarded as a “gimmick” or fad defense. Today, however, the 3-3-5 defense is being used effectively at every level of football.

Aside from the multiplicity and strategical advantages that the 3-3-5 offers, one of the main reasons that we added this package to our defensive playbook is that we’re finding it more and more difficult to locate and recruit big defensive linemen who can run. There just doesn’t seem to be as many of those type of kids around anymore. With that said, creating quality depth on the d-line is also a problem for almost all teams, regardless of the age group or level of competition. The 3-3-5 allows you to take one of those big bodies out of the equation and replace him with ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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