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© August, 2004
Running The Single Wing In The 21st Century — Part 2: “The 40 Tailback Series”

by Michael W. Rude
Head Coach, Johnston City High School, Johnston City, Ill.

THE FIRST INSTALLMENT in this series (see June/July 2004 issue) covered the 20 Series, the most productive series from a “big-play perspective” in our program.

When formulating our offensive game plan each week, our staff always looks at how the tailback series (the “40”) can be established and used against anticipated defensive fronts. We consider this series to be the “bread and butter” of our offensive attacks.

When it comes to the single-wing, our philosophy is to put certain defensive personnel in a conflict mode. How these defensive players react determines our areas of attack. The 40 Series creates ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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