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Kickoff, Punt And PAT Drills Fine-Tune Your Kicking Game

by Dave Loebach
Defensive Coordinator, Covert High School, Covert, Mich.

OUR TEAM HAS had solid special teams in all areas of the kicking game. One of the biggest reasons for this success has been our drill work and practice regimen for all kickers, punters, holders and long snappers.

Kicking Drills
Selecting the proper kicker is the most important part of establishing a solid kicking game. If you coach freshmen, junior high or at the Pop Warner level, you might want to look at your linemen as prospective kickers. Their legs are already strong, and if they understand the concept of planting their plant foot correctly, they might already be able to get good distance on their kicks.

Of course, a strong leg is always desired. But itís more important for kickers to understand the need to plant close to the tee and not overextend their legs through the kick. You should also look for a kic ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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