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Simple Drills Develop Fundamentals To Make DBs Shine

by Richard Fodor
Head Football Coach, Bridgman High School, Bridgman, Mich.

THE FOLLOWING DRILLS will help develop the players in your defensive secondary. All relatively simple to do, each drill focuses on proper fundamentals and skill development for a particular aspect of the defensive back position.

4-Cones Agility Drill

This drill emphasizes the proper fundamentals and techniques for backpedaling, establishing quick feet and breaking down. The only equipment that’s needed for this drill is four cones and a few footballs.

DIAGRAM 1: 4-Cones Drill.

Align the four cones 5 yards apart and in a square as shown in the diagram. Position all DBs in a straight line behind one of the cones. On the coach’s signal, the first DB in line starts at the first cone and backpedals to the second cone. He then plants on the outside foot and starts a quick carioca to the third cone.

    After reaching the third cone, he’ll sprint to the fourth cone and retu ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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