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© October, 2003
Running The Iso Out Of The “I” Brings Defenses To Their Knees

by Stuart Salling
Assistant Coach, Parkview Baptist High School, Baton Rouge, La.

THIS OFFENSE IS BASED on running isolation plays at linebackers and by having a complement of option and G schemes to keep defenses from using wholesale blitzing to stop the power game.

Running the iso out of an I-formation is by no means a new concept, but it’s somewhat neglected or rejected by some teams because they “lack the personnel” to run such a scheme.

In our system, we’re not blessed with the kind of athletes on the offensive line that can physically dominate teams 1-on-1. So our power running game hinges on combination blocking (doubling) at the point of attack. This allows our “non-athletic” offensive linemen to push around far more athletic defensive linemen.

Running Toward Play-Side Tackle
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