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The Double Gun System A Unique Combination of the Double Wing and Shotgun Formations

by Jay Stolfi
Youth Coach

This is an offensive system that is intended for use by high school teams and older youth football teams. It describes the merging of two existing offensive systems into one system. The result is an offense that presents diversity and complexity to the defense while maintaining the simplicity of one set of rules for the offense to learn.

I have been a big fan of the double wing offense since I began coaching youth football several years ago. It has proven to be an easy-to-teach yet potent offense that is used at many levels of football. Specifically, I have come to appreciate the excellent “GOOD-GOD” blocking system developed by Coach Steve Calande. It is simple yet thorough, and can be effectively taught to either eight year olds or junior college players.

The fraternity of double wing coaches is a great source of knowledge. The many books, articles and online forum posts describe the very fine points of running a double wing offense. Coaches commonly morph, add and tinker with the various plays originally developed by Coach Don Markham in the 1970’s.

As defenses become more aware of the potent running plays, double wing coaches are increasingly looking for other formations to complement the double-tight, run-heavy offense. Online forum posts are filled wi ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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