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Defensive Back Drills Create A Swarming Secondary

by Bob Pieper
Head Football Coach, Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, Ill.

HAVING A SOLID secondary is a luxury for any defense. Knowing that you have swarming defensive backs that are fundamentally sound allows you to be more aggressive with defensive packages and looks.


Backpedaling quickly and fluently is a critical part of being a ball-hawking secondary player. To backpedal at top speed while maintaining coordination and agility, your DBs must:
-  Create a balanced base with legs shoulder-width apart.
-  Have the feet staggered with a toe-to-instep relation.
-  Run with the upper body slightly bent forward.
-  Bend slightly at the knees and lower the butt.
-  Begin to transfer some weight to the balls of his feet.
-  Stay low and keep a good balance with a low center of gravity.
-  Step back with the inside leg or whatever leg is back.
-  Push off with the front leg while stepping back.
-  Pump the arms the same as when running forward.
-  Keep the h ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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