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© February, 2002
Critical Fundamentals For Ball-Hawking Defensive Backs

by Van Malone
Former Detroit Lions DB, Current Defensive Coordinator, Waltrip High School, Houston, Texas

THERE ARE SEVERAL key points that must be emphasized to develop your defensive backs. These points must be carefully studied by your players and continually practiced in order for them to be mastered.

1  Stance
Bump Alignment. The DBs feet must be parallel and should be no more than shoulder-width apart. His knees should be bent with hands above the knees at a ready position.

The chin should be over the knees. The feeling should be much like sitting in a chair. Stress to your DB that he must maintain a narrow base. This narrow base allows for better movement.

Normal (Off) Alignment. The DBs feet should be shoulder-width apart and his inside ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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