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5-Step Passing Game Airlifts Offense To End Zone

by Mike Mizer
Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Columbia Academy, Columbia, Tenn.

THE 3-STEP, QUICK PASSING game is the core foundation of a strong air attack. The ability to connect on a high percentage of pass attempts under 10-to-12 yards is essential to keep the chains moving. But in order to consistently throw the ball further downfield requires an effective 5-step passing game.

Efficiency is a key ingredient to any offensive scheme, and the utilization of a half-roll, 5-step game adds a versatile and efficient phase to your offensive attack.

By rolling the quarterback on his 5-step drop to a depth of 6 -to-8 yards and setting him up behind the offensive guard and tackle, the offense gains advantages that a straight 5- or 7-step drop does not offer.

To look at these advantages, letís ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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