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Good Scouting Grounds The Double-Wing Attack

by Bruce Eien
Head Coach, Brethren Christian High School, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Double-wing teams everywhere are running up scores, racking up huge rushing gains and embarrassing many opponents who have no idea on how to stop this potent offense.

Here are some ideas for scouting the double-wing team. Hopefully, youíll be able to take these new ideas and put them to work within your defensive packages.

Identify The Star
When scouting a double-wing team the first thing you have to do is identify your opponentís best running back. Even though the offense is designed to be evenly spread between the three backs, most teams tend to have one featured back. The main priority for stopping the double wing is to stop the featured back.

Identifying this back is usually easy as he comes into the game with huge yardage and touchdown statistics. You have to focus your defensive game plan on stopping him and worrying about covering other aspects of the double wing later.

That philosophy isnít any different from defending a team with a star featured I back or a good option quarterback. That player must be stopped ...The full article can only be seen by subscribers.
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