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Letter From The Managing Editor - TODAY’S QUARTERBACK

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© October, 2012

by Rex Lardner
Managing Editor

Over the years, the role of the quarterback has drastically changed. It’s to the point where the quarterback is the most important player on each team. This goes for high school, college, and the NFL.

Now, with the spread offense, quarterbacks are given the opportunity to pass the ball in any situation. There is also a new wave of athletic quarterbacks coming around led by Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III. The quarterback position is starting to transform into more of an athletic position. Quarterbacks don’t just stand in the pocket any more.

Many quarterbacks today are not only stronger but faster. There are specialized quarterback gurus it seems everywhere helping signal callers work on their form, technique and mechanics. But today’s quarterback has a need for speed that was never apparent before.

In this issue of GS, the Speed Doctor, Ken Taylor, outlines techniques and drills to make your quarterbacks faster. A world class long jumper and member of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears, Taylor has specialized in speed training since his retirement from the NFL in 1988. He has trained middle and high school players, college athletes, and NFL players and many of his clients have been quarterbacks.

Taylor includes a number of drills in his article, “How To Increase Your Quarterback’s Speed.” One is the Bounce Jog Drill and another is the Half High Knee Running Drill. It isn’t a secret that fast, athletic quarterbacks can change the game. They make it especially difficult for the defense and their defensive coordinator. Just ask those that played against Denard Robinson and Griffin III last fall.

In addition to offensive and defensive clinics, this issue of GS includes articles on scouting special teams play and putting together a strength and conditioning program everyone can use. Tom Maher, a coach at Fullerton College, also explains the pros and cons of playing at the junior college level.

We hope you enjoy this issue of GS and welcome your feedback.


        Rex Lardner
        Managing Editor

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